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Week 1 - 60 Minutes

Catalytic Skills Module #1: Skills That Project Authority & Inspire Trust

Whether it be on a Zoom call with your team, or from a stage to a large audience, how you say what you say matters. In many cases, we have been taught the exact opposite of what we should do (fix your eyes on the back of the room, use lots of hand gestures, always open with a joke). Even more, the adrenaline of having an audience often leads us to behaviors that diminish trust from our listeners (too fast, scurried presence, ums and uhs). Discover the skills that develop you as a centered communicator, engender confidence from your audience, and compel action from your listeners. 

Week 2 - 90 Minutes

Catalytic Skills Module #2: Crafting Your Content

Telling is not selling. We cannot make the error of believing that if we clearly explain something, they will get it and go with it. The arc of our content matters. What's the goal of our opening? What's the goal of our closing? How do we organize our thoughts and our content in a manner that has our audience curious and compelled to listen intently for what's next? When and where do we use humor or creativity? How do we find compelling anecdotes, stories, and illustrations? These powerful skills will bring your content to life from the largest of stages to the team meetings with a few. 



Participants will upload a 7 minute video for coaching and feedback. 


Week 3 - 90 Minutes

Catalytic Skills Module #3: Mastering the Context

The world has rapidly changed in recent years. How do we customize these skills for podcasts, webinars, conference rooms, class rooms, and groups of all sizes? With communication, one size does not fit all, but the skills we discuss have implications for all of these settings, that if mastered, will take your communication to the next level. 


Participants will upload a 7 minute video for coaching and feedback. 

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